Monday, November 14, 2016


So I had this idea. To have a fundraiser. I was thinking maybe a bake sale or craft sale. Maybe a dinner. You see, we have another foundation. That my Dad started before his death, in 2015. And we were planning a dinner for that. So that we could provide larger scholarships this year. And grow the foundation. Give back, more to the Cancer Community...that embraced us during his battle.

But with my Mom's current illness, we postponed that. We all know, her health is more important. There will be plenty of time, to grow our foundation. As much as I enjoy working on it, I need to start moving my focus. To my Mom.

So a few weeks ago, I sent out an text. To family and friends. Many of which, where out of town. So I decided to run that, one more time. This past weekend. In the matter of hours, we had a ton of family on board, a location secured, and the plans where in full motion!

I think I'm still in shock! But it's a good shock. Other than my Mom needing some help, it's nice to see the support of our loved ones. To feel their love, prayers, and generosity. It's something that was greatly missed, during my Dad's cancer journey.

With my Mom's health issues, it's just different. I know, we need support. Lots of it! We've been through a major illness with my Dad. It's tough on a good day. Sometimes, you just need to know people care. Did people care with my Dad? Yes. And no. Maybe it was his personality, our situation, or some people...that made it feel so lonely. Like you couldn't reach out, and ask for help.

Maybe it's also that, we've grown. That my Mom and I, both know what's in front of us. Maybe we just haven't fully recovered, from the last time around. Either way, it's nice to know, our family is rallying behind us! It's going to be a long and tough journey. We need this love, support, and prayers. We need people to care. To come around. To make us smile.

So here are some of the details so far:

We are having a Spaghetti Dinner. On December 11, 2016. From 2-5PM. At the American Legion Post 72. We need help. Cooking, setting up, tearing down, planning, decorating, serving, and selling tickets. Actually, anything you can think of, we probably need help with.

Let me know, if you want to help. Or if you can help. Seriously, we need it all! Thus far, my cousin paid for the Hall. My aunts are cooking. We've got help. But I know, to make this a success, we need lots of help!

And I just want to say Thank You! To everyone that rallied together. To see, in less than 24 hours, how much was put together...still floors me. To know, my Mom is up against a major illness...scares me. For more than one reason. But to see the love for just makes my heart swell with love, tears come to my eyes, and a loss of breathe. Because who does this?

We are also keeping this a secret from my Mom. To surprise her. When more details come together, we'll let her know. Because I feel like, she doesn't need to worry about this either. And if we tell her now, she might not accept our help. My Mom doesn't like to ask for help. So we'll wait a few days, to tell her...what we've all been up to.

My little plans, grew much larger. And I hope, this is one less thing, that my Momma has to worry about. She has enough on her plate. It's also nice to know, that we have other people in our lives, who are more than willing to lend a hand. Means the world! Thank You! 🐦

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