Friday, November 25, 2016

T-Shirt Sale

I got an e-mail this morning. Our first order of T-Shirts has shipped! They should be here, in a couple of days. This makes me so excited! Except, I didn't get my order in, on time. So I'll have to wait, until the next campaign.

During our last T-Shirt fundraiser, I got a ton of requests. For some new colors. So I set up a second fundraiser. And I hope I'm able to reach everyone, that wants a shirt. This will probably be the last campaign, with this design. I hope to come up, with something different...after the holidays.

Again, all the shirts are $20. From kid sizes and up. There are six colors to choose from. Orange...for leukemia. I'm hoping this is our biggest seller. I also have pink, green, and blue again. And new to this campaign, I added black and purple.

If you would like to order a T-shirt, just click here. I will leave this campaign open until after our Fundraiser Dinner. So if people at the dinner are interested, they can also buy a shirt. Which means, they won't be delivered until sometime around Christmas.

For all of you, who are supporting my Momma...Thank You! Every single bit helps. Cancer is expensive! And I don't want her to worry about these costs. All of you, are making that possible. It means the world to me! 🐦

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