Monday, November 7, 2016

A Normal Day

Our new "normal," is quite different from what it used to be. My Mom was an early riser. Every single day! For my entire life, my Mom got up early. Usually she was up by 4:30-5:00AM. These days, it's more like 10:30-11:00AM. And it's more than OK.

When she does get up, it's usually a couple of hours...before she'll eat. And it's not the normal stuff either. I noticed this, even back in the Spring. When she was still getting up early. I can make eggs, potatoes, pancakes, French toast, cinnamon rolls...and she'll just pick at the food. The once HUGE fan of cereal, hasn't eaten it in weeks. So we go more for a "grazing type of meal." Maybe it's a small muffin. And a glass of juice. Nothing too big. Or heavy. Or anything like that. Definitely not coffee. Or even water. It all makes her sick.

In the mornings, while she sleeps...I have my "quiet time." I pray, read the bible, organize my day. There is usually some watching of Home and Family. Plenty of crocheting. Checking on patients. Getting plans in order. Calling doctors. And insurance companies. Anything that seems quiet. Even our pups know, that the quiet is necessary.

Once my Mom, is up and stays pretty slow. There is usually the noontime news to watch. Maybe some Chew. Definitely some General Hospital. And then the marathon of Hallmark Movies begin. It's the beginning of November. And I'm pretty sure, we've already seen some of these movies 2 or 3 times. Maybe I'm the one that has seen them multiple times. Because I'll watch them, in the middle of the night too. Great way to get distracted, while folding laundry.

During these movies, my Mom usually naps. She was NEVER a nap taker. These days, it's required. There is also plenty of crocheting going on. Because what else, do you do with your day? She makes projects. I make projects. There are orders to be filled. And Craft Fairs to prepare for. There is ALWAYS something to be made!

As afternoon, is slowly fading into the early evening...there is also Ellen. She's been a staple in our lives, since my Dad was sick. It's the one hour a day, that my Mom can laugh. I see the smile on her face. And in her eyes. It's the one hour, when she can forget about her troubles. I'm so thankful for Ellen!

Evenings are usually pretty quiet too. I make something to eat. It's hit and miss, whether my Mom wants to eat. There's usually news to be watched. And an evening of some sort of TV, waiting on us. Dancing with the Stars, Tiny House Nation, Counting On, Grey's Anatomy, The Goldbergs. More crocheting. Our pups usually get active around this time. Running and playing. Wanting to be active. And fun! More crocheting for my Mom and I. And she's usually in bed by 8PM.

Our schedule rarely differs from this. The dogs and I, will stay up. Usually past midnight. When I get to work on some other things. Like blogging. Paying bills. Getting things in order. Doing laundry. Cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, or whatever else I can find...on that side of the house.

This is far, from what our schedule once looked like. My Mom was an active person. Liked to work, to be busy. She enjoyed her kiddos. Liked getting out and about. Loved being active. We'd cook meals together, clean the yard, garden, take the pups on walks, go to various community events, etc. My Mom just LOVED being busy.

These days, it's about survival. Wake up. Be in pain. Eat. Get nauseous. Watch a little TV. Take a nap. Crochet. Have a little more pain. Head to bed. Crazy how fast life changes. But it's just what happens. And you have to roll with the punches. I learned that. 🐦

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