Sunday, November 27, 2016

Update on Tickets

Wow! I never realized, how many tickets we'd go through. It's a good thing. A very good thing! Even if, I spend an entire night...making books. Cut, count, number, staple, count again...

We haven't been selling tickets, for a long time. But I'm shocked at how quickly everything is moving. I didn't anticipate this. And when I put in the initial order, I didn't order nearly enough. So some of you, have been waiting for your tickets. Wednesday I picked up a second order. And spent a couple days, putting books together. And handing out tickets.

Right now, we have 500 raffle tickets...out. Almost 200 adult dinner tickets. And 50 children tickets. I'm still in SHOCK! Pick me up, off the floor. If you need tickets, let me know. And I'll get them to you. Ticket prices are $2 for raffle tickets. Or $20 for a book of 12. $10 for adults. And $5 for kids.

We also have a HUGE announcement, later this week. It has to do with, some BIG ticket items. And another raffle. These tickets will cost more. But will definitely be well worth it! So come back. You don't want to miss our announcement. 🐦

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