Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Family That Plays Together

It as been some week! One week ago, my Mom was sitting in an ER. In so much pain! Our family was quickly cancelling our Dia de los Muertos Parade entry. And life was just crazy.

5 days later, we'd be in that parade. We'd decided it was important to follow through. So many people had worked hard, on our float. My Mom would have been devastated, if we hadn't been in the parade. She knows how much work was done. And how excited everyone was. So she sat in the truck, and our family, did our thing!

My Mom and my Uncle Andy. All comfy in the truck. We were waiting in line, to start the parade. And they were busy eating candy. Picking out the best, out of all the bags! And watching the crazy people in front of us!

My Auntie Dora and Auntie Bug. You rarely get a picture of them, with their eyes open. Notice my Auntie Bug...

And isn't our skull cool? This side is an hombre. The other side is a mujer. Such a fun project! Theresa is such a good artist! My uncle Guillermo built it. And Theresa painted it.

Cousins having fun! We were all hanging out, around the float. Looking for candy. Taking pictures. Catching up. Because my cousin Cindy and her daughter Aurora, came in from Colorado. Just for this event! And some of us, were still putting makeup on! We stopped, for a quick Cousin Picture!

Another cool project on our float. The sheep! They all had so much personality. When my Mom saw them, she wanted to take them home. Immediately! She LOVES sheep! If they go missing, check my Mom's bag!

That's our float. And everyone still trying to get ready. Our family, likes to push deadlines...right to the last second. I'm not lying about that. But look at all that work, that everyone did!

These are my cousins, Paul and Ken. They took care of our Craft Booth for us. While I was racing down the road to the parade. And while the parade was on. Their makeup is incredible!

Some of our crafts. We did a lot better last year. I think the weather played a HUGE part of that! It poured rained the night before. Everything was wet. The grass was so muddy. And it was a lot cooler this year. But we still made good money, for our Foundation.

The alter I put together for my Dad. We had HUGE plans for it. But with everything that went on, over the last few weeks...well, I'm happy with how it turned out. It was a ton of work! Lots of parts, to get together.

Gosh, I miss my Daddy so much! This was one of his favorite events to attend! I'm glad, that he is still a big part of this event. And that we get to honor him, with an alter.

And one last picture. Of the night. My Mom and my aunties. Can you tell it had been a long day? Makeup was missing. Eyes are partly open. Jackets are on. This was not long after 5PM. We had packed up our booth and alter. It was freezing! And we were ready to head home!

Yesterday and today, have been real slow, around these parts. Barely moving. The car is still packed. I'm just plain exhausted. But I was super happy, that we got to be a part of the family's float! My cousins were also selling food. So it was a busy day. All the way around!

I want to thank the people who set up Dia de los Muertos. They are amazing! Every single person, that I had to contact, saw on Sunday, and had a part of the event...was so sweet. And extra helpful! They are an amazing bunch of people! Not to mention, the vendors on either side of us, were so sweet!

And my cousins, that helped us out. Taking care of our booth. My uncle, who tracked me down, to get me to the parade on time! Last year, I ran down the road. And I barely made it. This year, I got a ride, right to all the floats. My cousin who helped me set up. And my cousin who fed us all. Everyone that came out to see us. And our family...who continues to stand behind us! Love you guys! 🐦

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