Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Years ago, my dear Goddaughter was diagnosed with leukemia. She battled it, for nearly 5 years. I'm so happy and proud to say, she kicked cancer's butt!

Along the way, there was much distance between my little Cinderella...and the rest of us. My friends picked up and moved, across the country. To fight for her life. And would only come home, once...maybe twice a year.

All of us, felt helpless. Like we couldn't support them enough. We weren't nearby. Yes, we were only a short phone call away. But I couldn't physically be there. I made a few trips, over the years. But it just wasn't the same. Yes, there were many late night calls, with my Cinderella's mom. A very good friend of mine. But it was tough. On all of us.

My group of friends, we rallied together. Did what we could. In a perfect world, we would have delivered 3 hot meals a day. Been there, when they needed a break. Had little parties, to make that sweet girl smile. But we weren't there.

Instead of all the things we couldn't do, we thought about all the things we could do. We could get together, and make cards. Send packages. Help raise money. Pay a few bills for them. Pitch in, for plane tickets home. We did it all!

Each family, in our group of friends, got a week. We'd send a care package, when it was our week. When it was our month, we'd help with one of their bills. In that perfect world, we would be delivering food. Instead, we were sending books, games, snacks, gift cards, anything we thought they'd need or want.

When our friends would make it home, we'd always celebrate with an Orange Party for our little Cinderella. We embraced orange. The color for leukemia. And as a group, we picked Wednesdays. Every single Wednesday, since her diagnosis, we have worn orange.

As she got older, it has become more meaningful. She understands what it means. And understands this beast, that she beat. The kids at her school, also sport orange on Wednesdays. It still brings tears to my eyes, to see all the pictures. Because it's a reminder, that she beat leukemia. She is a survivor. She reached 11 years.

Now, I not only wear orange for my precious Goddaughter...I wear it for my Momma. Back when my Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, we embraced blue. Wore it proudly on Fridays. And when he went for chemo and radiation. It was a sign...we were fighting colon cancer. Now I will do the same for my Momma.

And I want to ask you, to join me. Sport that orange for my Momma. Every single Wednesday. And when she begins her treatments, I'll let you know. So we can proudly support her. And her battle with leukemia.

It's a small gesture. That doesn't take much. An orange shirt, or bow, or scarf, or hat, or pin. And I ask that you share on your social media. With these tags #OrangeForIrene, #PrayForIrene, #LeukemiaAwareness. Let's show my Momma, that shes' not in this battle alone! 🐦

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