Saturday, November 19, 2016

The List

So you know when you're putting together something...something need some help? That's where we are. I need your help!

Thus far, we've been blessed. My cousin got us the hall. We've had quite a few donations. And lots of volunteers. So much support! But I thought, we needed to get some things, down on paper. I'm going to put a list here. Of things we need. Let me know, if you can help with any of them!

Tickets-Judy and Auntie Dora
Plates- Ernest
Cups- Ernest
Bowls- Ernest
Silverware- Ernest
Napkins- Ernest
Dessert Plates-G and Cari

Drinks- 4 Bottles of Punch have been donated by the Turners. But we probably need more.
Water- 4 Cases Jonathan and Jennifer
Spaghetti Noodles-
Sauce Ingredients- Auntie Dora and Auntie Bug (Each are donating a rooster.)
French Bread-
Alfredo Sauce-
(Leonor will be donating 2 pans of prepared spaghetti and meatballs.)

Raffle donations- Desiree, Sue, Rose, J, Auntie Lorraine, Landis and Lorraine, Herrera Family
Baked Goods- Desiree, Becky
Decorations-I have some
Tablecloths- Little M and S

Cooks- Auntie Dora, Auntie Bug, Cindy, Judy, and Becky
Ticket Collector-
Person to help with that Sweet Table-
Person to help with the Craft Table-
Person to help sell tickets at the door-
People to help with setup-
People to help with the cleanup-

Also, we want to go out as a group and sell tickets. So if you are available, let me know. Here are the dates:

November 23rd:
November 25th:
December 2nd:
December 3rd:
December 4th:
December 9th:
December 10th:

I'll also have the tickets tomorrow. So if you want to help sell some on your own, let me know. I can get you a book. Meal tickets, or Raffle tickets. Thanks for your help! 🐦

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  1. Ernest donated $ for all paper goods we can get em at shamrock...