Monday, November 28, 2016


My Mom and I feel so blessed. The last few days, have been full. Of lots of love. Family time. And a little holiday cheer. It's also been a long while, since we last made it to church. But on Thanksgiving morning, we made it. And it felt so good!


It's been that one piece, that has been missing for a while. My Mom happened to be feeling better. So we decided to make the trip. And even though, she was in a bit of physical pain. I could see how beneficial it was to her. We also made it today. Lord knows, he has blessed us so much!

We also found out today, that there are other people in our community, needing prayers. And love. And support. A friend of ours, has breast cancer. She had surgery recently. And will soon, start her treatments. One of the Fathers at our church, also has cancer. And they had a fundraiser for him, at church today. We went. Enjoyed a nice breakfast. That was HUGE! And it felt good, to lend a "Hand Up."

But when I say that we are blessed, I mean it. We have family that is rallying behind us. Friends who are lifting us up. And faith, that is helping us, to carry our troubles. When I think about the last few days, all of these things, were in action.

On Wednesday, a friend who is more like family, came to visit us. It had been a LONG while, since we last saw her. And it was so nice to catch up. To see pictures of her family. To hear that things are going relatively well for her. Honestly, just to talk to Rose, felt good!

My Mom and I, spent Thanksgiving with a small group of our family. But it was nice to see my cousins, my aunt, and uncle. We were so blessed, to spend the day, with my Nanie. Who isn't doing well. And for me, that was the biggest blessing. Making memories, with my Nanie.

When I think about loved ones, that have passed on...holidays ALWAYS come to mind! I think about those people, who spent the day with us. I'm not sure what the next year will bring. Or how many of our loved ones, will join the Lord. But I am thankful, to have spent the day, with our family.

It just got me thinking. Will my Nanie be here next year? My Mom? Who will the Lord call home? What will our family look like? Will I be working next year? That's quite possible. Will there be more people in the family? Will I begin a family? Maybe add a fur baby...

Lots of unknowns. We also spent Friday evening with my aunt, uncle, and a bunch of my cousins. Mostly from out of town. And that is ALWAYS a blessing. Just seeing family, that you don't see often. Having time to laugh and smile. To forget about your problems. To share good food. And make a ton, of new memories. The pizza was so good, I didn't even get a picture!

Today, we finished our weekend...with a visit with our good friends. Who we were supposed to join them for Thanksgiving. But they understood, our need to be with my Nanie. Such amazing people! I know the Lord blessed us, when he sent them to us. Leonor and Albert, have been that constant, that we've needed.

They are much more than friends. Family really. For a long time, Mrs. H wanted me to be part of the family. And I joked, if they had had one more son, I'd have been all in! I mean, all their sons are married. What's a gal to do? I still dream about marriage, and lots of babies!

No lie, Leonor and Albert are our family. And it's just nice, to get to reconnect with them. Sometimes, we let lots of time pass. Without seeing or talking to each other. But whenever we do see each other, it feels like no time has passed. And we pick up, right where we left off.

Are we going through a difficult chapter? YES! Are we blessed? Most certainly! With so much love, support, and prayers. Funny how on Thanksgiving weekend, so many more blessings happen. Many more, than you'd think. And all I can say is, Thank You Lord! For all that you've blessed us with. You are my strength. 🐦


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