About #PrayForIrene

Hi! I'm Desiree. I'm the writer behind #PrayForIrene. Irene is my Momma. Who is currently battling leukemia. This is our story. Our journey. And well, everything that comes with battling cancer.

We're not new to cancer. My Daddy battled colon cancer. Stage 4. From April 2014 to March 2015. Ultimately, he was called home. To be with the Lord. It was a tough journey. One that taught me so much. About love, compassion, grace, faith, and giving back.

But this is my Momma's story. Different from the road we traveled with my Daddy. This time, we have so much love and support...from our family and friends. We are so BLESSED! And we have these cute pups. The light of our life.

I hope you stick around. And cheer my Momma on! She is such a trooper. But even I know, this is going to be a long road. One that will require love, support, and many prayers...from all of you!

So buckle up. I'll keep everyone updated. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to share this, with all of you. Especially those of you, walking a similar path. It's tough. I know. Firsthand. But I also know, you can make it out the other side. I want all of you to know that! 🐦

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