Tuesday, November 15, 2016

She Knows...And So Should You!

So a few days ago, we started working on our #PrayForIrene Fundraiser. In just a few days, so many details came together. I never realized how fast, it would happen. But I'm over the moon about it!

My Mom had no clue. Actually, I was kind of sweating it. We went to funeral yesterday. And I was sure, my cousin had let the cat out of the bag. But no, my Mom didn't put it together. And today, my auntie and I, told her.

There were a ton of tears! My Mom is still in shock. She had no clue what we were doing. Or that this many people cared. It's been tough, shouldering this health issue. And it's nice to know, that people love us, care about us, and pray for us.

This is my Mom, and our pups. Just minutes ago. I know she's still in shock. That this many people care. I hope she knows, just how loved she is. And we'll do whatever we can, to make this path...a little easier on her.

So here are the specifics:

We're doing a #PrayForIrene Fundraising Dinner
American Legion Post 72
December 11, 2016
$10 for adults
$5 for kids
The meal will include spaghetti and meatballs or Alfredo chicken pasta, salad, bread, punch, and a piece of cake.
We will also be having a raffle. $2 a ticket, or $10 for a book of 12. So far we have a crochet blanket, jewelry, a crochet baby set, many gift baskets, a household toolbox, lots of giftcards, and a little something special...that I'm going to save for later.

I'm also running another T-shirt fundraiser. Please pass along the information. And if you need to reach me, feel free to send me an email at prayforirene (at) gmail (dot) com. 🐦

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