Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Fun Stuff!

While my family seems to have all the "necessaries" of our fundraiser covered...I know we need something else. You know, a little fun. After all, we want to celebrate my Mom. You know, during our fundraising effort.
Not going to lie. I thought I had the color scheme stuck in my head. Pretty obvious to me, that we need to have orange present. We're fighting leukemia together. I remember the early days, of my Goddaughter's diagnosis. We were all "oranged out!" Every single time my friends came home from Tennessee, we'd have an orange party.
And my Mom likes bright colors. Green being her favorite. I looked at few online stores. And was convinced, that bright was best. I found lots of owl themed party goods, in these bright colors. Orange tablecloths. Green accents. Lots of color. Similar to the picture below. Oh, and that dark really a bright purple.

But I kept looking on Pinterest. And fell in love with a more elegant color scheme. And thought, I can do this. With a lot of stuff, we already have. Just don't forget those orange tablecloths. We have to remember our new color. We'll love it, and sport it. Just like I do, for my sweet Goddaughter.

So I'm thinking, more of a coral orange. With mint green, and a little pink. I'm sure, we can find some of Nanie's old doilies. I have a ton of glass jars. That I'm thinking I want to fill with baby's breathe. Maybe tie with some thin gold ribbon, or lace. Just a hint of gold accents. Maybe I can find some of those wood slices. You get the idea?

I'm thinking of sewing some strings of cutout circles. To hang up. I'm also looking for some plastic owls. I've spent days looking. I wanted to paint them gold. And add them to the tables. With some tea light candles. If I don't find any, I found a nice tutorial on Pinterest. For pinecone owls. Because my Momma loves owls!

I've talked to a few people about a "Bake Sale" table. And I'm thinking I might do a little "Candy Bar." Keeping these colors in mind. I already have the serving dishes. Just need to track down some sweets. Do I have any volunteers for Cake Pops, Cupcakes, and the such?

Along with these details, I've been crafting. We're going to have a table, with our crafts. And I'm adding lots of orange items. All shades bright, peach, coral. And tons of owls! My Mom is so into owls, it's not even funny!

But that's been life lately. Oh, I'm also waiting on the tickets. Which are being printed up. I've talked to a few more people about donations. And I'm getting so excited! It's time to celebrate my Momma. And show her, she's not alone in this battle! 🐦

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