Friday, December 2, 2016

Win a Trip to Laughlin!

Have you ever thought about going to Laughlin? Maybe winning a trip? Well, we got a trip for 2, donated! My Mom and I feel so blessed. It started with my Aunt and Uncle. And once my Mom's bosses found out about her story, it was all set up!

We feel so blessed. Over the years, these people have become friends. In the industry that we're all from, it's a tight circle. Before you know it, co-workers become friends. Then family. And well, I'm speechless! At the kindness of this family.

Almost 2 years ago, they stepped up. And helped us in a good way. Amazing way! Along with another company. And then my Mom wanted to pay back the favor. She worked with them. And now, when we need them again...they are here for us. I just cannot say enough good things about the Herrera Family!

So we're holding a separate raffle. We printed tickets earlier this week. And are selling them for $5 each. Or $50, for a book of 12. Let me know, if you are interested. And we'll be drawing the winner, on New Year's Day! Wouldn't that be a fun way, to ring in 2017? I think so!

The winning prize includes the bus ride for 2. And hotel accommodations. Pretty good deal, for a $5 chance! Let me know, if you are interested in selling or buying tickets! And from the bottom of my heart, I can't Thank the Herrera Family enough! 🐦

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