Saturday, December 3, 2016

Some Fun Stuff

So we have a few fun things, that are going on. We have 2 Craft Shows this weekend. Which seems like a lot. And well, it kind of is. But it should be fun! And it's probably one of the last events we have, to make money for our Scholarship Fund. We won't be doing much fundraising, until next Spring.

The first is today at the Albuquerque Talent Development Academy. At 1800 Atrisco NW. From 9AM-2PM.

Tomorrow we'll be at Holy Family Church. At 562 Atrisco  Dr. SW. From 8AM-3PM. If you need to do some Christmas shopping, you should try coming out to one of these events. There are always so many talented artists!

Next, I started a YouTube page. On December 1st. It took what seemed like forever, but our first video is now up. I'll probably be uploading a video, once a week. Maybe more. Depending on what's going on. It doesn't take long to record a video. But it takes FOREVER to upload them.

And lastly, I nominated my Mom, on Ellen's Show. Ellen has been a HUGE part of our life. For years, we've watched her. It was my Dad's favorite part of the day. To see Ellen dancing. And doing such good deeds for others. Making us laugh. We rarely missed a day. He ALWAYS wanted to meet her.

Now that my Mom is sick, we spend much of our time, watching the Ellen Show too. She is just so positive. I wanted to nominate my Mom, to maybe meet Ellen. Or win a present from the 12 Days of Giveaways. Something like that. Just to give her a little holiday cheer.

You know, we spend much of the day...worrying about things. Like bills, doctors' appointments, her cancer, treatments, things like that. I worry about a lot of things. Like paying the bills. Will my Mom ever find a doctor? Or get her insurance straight? Will our car, be reliable enough, for the ton of doctors' visits...that are in our future? Things like that.

So I hope, at the very least, that my Mom might get a little present. I often wonder, what our family will look like in a year. Will my Nanie still be here? My Mom? What will we be doing? So I think it would just be nice, for my Mom to have a little cheer. If you'd like to nominate her as well, you can go here. It's super fast. And easy!

And on another important is my parent's wedding anniversary. They would have been married 28 years. Today! That is pretty incredible. Happy Anniversary! 🐦

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