Thursday, December 1, 2016

One Month

It's been a crazy month. So busy! So full of love, support, and prayers. I just can't believe it. This post, marks #21! I can't believe that! When I started this blog, I thought I'd post 2 or 3 posts week. Max. But then things moved. Quickly!

I'm sure things will slow down a bit, after our fundraisers end. But I do want to stay committed. And share as much of our story, as I possibly can. It's important. And almost therapeutic. Believe it or not. It just helps, to reach up and out.

I realized that we had a ton of support. And love. And people who wanted to do things for us. Which led, to a fundraiser. And lots of things, to go with it. It's pretty amazing, how these things work. How God blesses us, with so much. When we need it the absolute most!

The main reason for this blog, is to document my Mom's journey. To have a place, to look back on. And remember, all those memories we made. To keep in touch, with family and friends. And to connect with others. Walking a similar path.

For me, the last has almost as much meaning, as the first. Because we struggled so much, while we were on my Dad's journey. There are not a lot of people, who share this side of things. But we know, how important it is. To be a beacon of light, to people struggling. To know, you will make it. Not every cancer journey, is horrible. There are some light and fun days. There are people experiencing similar things. Life is not all bad.

I just filmed a video. For YouTube. You read that right! Years ago, I made tons of videos. To give reviews of beauty products, to talk crafts, and to vlog. But this, is much more meaningful. I want to start connecting, with other families like ours. People who are walking a similar path.

December 1, 2016 will mark our initial post. Let's see how long it takes the video to upload. That's always the fun part! But come check it out. I'll be posting weekly. I won't commit to more than that. Not right now. But I might add more videos. If we're doing other things. I hope everyone enjoys.

It's been incredible to share our journey. Thus far. To be able to talk to you, about things that go on, when battling cancer. For a patient. A loved one. And a caregiver. It really is a tough road. But I'm so happy to share it with you! 🐦

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